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Wagmatcook Gas Bar

The Gas Bar has been open now for 11 years. Time fly’s when things are good. We presently employee eight community members at the Gas Bar. The Gas Bar is open 7am -11pm daily 365 days a year.

At our Gas Bar we try to provide a variety of products for the community. We carry a full line of grocery products, dairy  confectionary , food to go hotdogs and subs , loto , tobacco products and hunting and fishing supplies. With our fuel line we carry many automotive products as well.  We do stock many seasonal items, Christmas, Halloween and summer and winter products. We have just about everything at our location we like to provide the “one stop shopping experience.”

In the near future we hope to add some new products and services like a propane exchange program.
We are working with a rep from Maritime Bus in hopes that we maybe able to have the bus stopping at our location.

Our success has been made possible with the great support we have from the local community and near by surrounding community’s. The staff has also been a very big reason for the success as they have proven many times how dedicated they are to providing great service to our customers. They are dependable and take pride in the Gas Bar and have had a lot of compliments from customers. In the near future the idea of expanding is hopeful as this would enable us to provide a larger grocery line and we could provide more jobs locally.

On wards we go in providing a reliable service to the community’s with success.

Wagamtcook Gas Bar Manager,
Kim Dixon