BABTA Industry Info

Annual General Meeting of the Baddeck Area Business and Tourism Association is planned for March 28th at 3pm.

Annual Baddeck Area Business and Tourism Accolades

As a way of celebrating the wonderful stories we hear about the hard and valuable work done by our member businesses and individuals, we are embarking on finding and sharing these stories. Please share your opinions on who is doing their best in the Baddeck Area. We accept all nominations from Wreck Cove to Iona and Boularderie / Ross Ferry to Middle River. The Selection Committee will be made up of Baddeck Area Business and Tourism Association members, including a Committee Chair who will have a vote only in the event of a tie.

The BABTA Accolades Categories

  • The Rising Star New Business Award is presented to reward the efforts of the entrepreneur who has created a successful and growing business through the application of commitment, dedication, hard work, ingenuity and innovation. 
    • Recipients of this award must have operated a business in rural Cape Breton / Northern Nova Scotia for no more than three years. The owner must demonstrate, through good business planning, a consistent growth and development pattern.
  • The Community Spirit Award was created to recognize an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the inception and/or growth of community opportunities in the field of recreation, leisure, business and/or health. 
    • The recipient of this award must have made a significant contribution in one or more of the following areas: recreation, leisure, business and/or health. This contribution can be demonstrated by a person who has: 
    • Exhibited high standards of voluntary performance (e.g. dedication, commitment, time, energy, leadership, attitude and motivation), and
    • Contributed to a broad range of activities within the field of community volunteerism.
  • The Outstanding Customer Service Award is designed for our members to put the spotlight on one of their employees who has demonstrated outstanding, “above and beyond” service to the citizens and customers for their employer over the last year.
    • Recipient’s actions must reflect all five of the customer service attributes: 
    • Courteous: Greet the customers promptly and courteously. 
    • Helpful: Honour your commitments in a timely manner. 
    • Accessible: Listen to the customers with respect. Be polite. Focus on their perspective.
    • Responsive: Own the customer’s issue.
    • Knowledgeable: Provide accurate and up-to-date information