“The Hydrofoil Mystery”

(September 9-11, 2019)



It’s the summer of 1917 and a teenage boy is sent to work for the great inventor Alexander Graham Bell in Baddeck, Nova Scotia. Billy McCracken’s gotten into some bad habits and has other interests than slinging sheep manure and working hard for the summer. And clearly whatever’s going on in the boathouse is a really big secret. Adventure’s afoot, spies are lurking and history is about to be made with Bell’s latest invention, the hydrofoil. Fun for the whole family, this new play is a high-spirited adventure bringing to light a little known chapter of Canadian history.

Join us for this special staged reading event in partnership with the Alexander Graham Bell Foundation at the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site (559 Chebucto Street) as part of Flying on Water – A Celebration of Innovation, Imagination & Persistence.


All performances will take place at the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site (559 Chebucto Street).


Monday, September 9 7:30pm
Tuesday, September 10 7:30pm
Wednesday, September 11 7:30pm

This is an excerpt from Theatre Baddeck website.