Theatre Baddeck presents THE SHOPLIFTERS – July 11 to August 18, 2019


Alma is a career shoplifter at the local Co-op, with a knack for getting the “five-finger discount.” When she’s caught in the act by Dom, an overzealous security guard, there’s more revealed than the steak she has stuffed up her skirt. Along for the ride is Phyllis, Alma’s hapless accomplice who doesn’t share Alma’s cool demeanour or knack for snappy comebacks. Dom is ready to lock them up and throw away the key, but his affable senior partner, Otto, intervenes with a more sympathetic view of the crime. As these four oddball characters share their wildly different takes on the situation, complex views on morality and ethics begin to emerge in this biting comedy by one of Canada’s finest playwrights.


“Packs a comedic punch!” – DC Theatre Scene

“Panych is one of the best!” – The Calgary Herald

“This is an excerpt from Theatre Baddeck website.”

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