The Telegraph House, built in 1861, is owned and operated by the fourth and fifth generations of the Dunlop Family. As it once contained the office of the first Trans-Oceanic Cable Company, some of the first telegraph messages in North America were sent from the office in the “Telegraph House”.  Alexander Graham Bell’s “Bell Room No.1” is preserved in much the same style and charm as it was when staying here in the late 1880s.

This Victorian inn is located in the center of town and has a beautiful dining room. The Cable Room serves beautiful meals using locally sourced ingredients, and all items are Gluten Free.

An extract from “Baddeck and that Sort of Thing” by Charles Dudley Warner published in 1896 describes the Telegraph House, “We came into a straggling village that we could see by the starlight. But we stopped at the door of a very unhotel-like appearing hotel. It had in front a flower garden. It was blazing with welcome lights. It opened hospitable doors and we were received by a family who expected us.”