Four Day Hiking Trip

Day One

From the Village of Baddeck, travel east on Highway 105 and take exit 11 to Ingonish. Stop and purchase lunch at a café along the way. Purchase a park pass from the Cape Breton Highlands National Park pavilion. Take a Cape Breton Highlands National Park of Canada Park Guide and Map brochure to easily locate each allotted hike in the schedule.

Travel to Franey hiking trail, #23 on your Park Guide and Map brochure. This hike is a 2 – 3 hour steep climb, but ends with a spectacular panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean.
Enjoy your lunch while taking in the scenery. Continue the journey along the Cabot Trail to Black Brook, stop off and hike Jigging Cove Lake, #17 in the Park Guide and Map brochure. Finish off your day with a walk through old growth hardwood forests that end with a spectacular waterfall at MacIntosh Brook (#11). Stay over night in Pleasant Bay.

Day Two

Start the day by hiking Lone Shieling Trail, #12 on the Park Guide and Map brochure.
This short 15-minute hike takes you through 350-year-old sugar maple trees. Get your heart rate going with the hiking trail Coastal, #16 on the Park Guide and Map brochure.
This 3 – 4 hour hike takes you through coastal forest featuring magnificent views of the Atlantic coastline. Enjoy a late lunch while sitting on the beach at Black Brook. To wind down your day, travel to Ingonish Beach and for the last hike of the day. Fresh Water Lake Lookoff is a short 10-minute climb up a steep hill but offers panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean at the top. Travel to Baddeck and spend the night.

Day Three

Pack a lunch and some snacks and head west on Highway 105 toward Cheticamp. Purchase a Park Pass at the Cape Breton Highlands National Park pavilion. Don’t miss the spectacular scenery of the rugged Gulf Coast while hiking the Skyline Trail, #7 on the Parks Guide and Map brochure. Enjoy your lunch at one of the many look offs along the way as you travel the Cabot Trail towards Pleasant Bay. Just after you cross the plateau of French Mountain, take a hike through the boreal forest on Benjie’s Lake trail. (#9 in brochure) Enjoy a quiet, relaxing evening at one of the many spectacular accommodations in Cape North.

Day Four

Make sure to pack a lunch for today’s hike; Fishing Cove trail is 5 to 6 hour descend through Cape Breton Highlands National Park forest with an amazing look off of the ocean. If your blood is still flowing and you have some energy left for the day, travel west on the Cabot Trail toward Cheticamp. Before leaving the Park, Le Buttereau trail offers ocean scenes with magnificent sunset views. Complete your tour and head back to Baddeck.