Theatre Baddeck 2016 Season_Final-2


IT’S BACK! In 2015, audiences called The Young Ladies of Baddeck Club “better than Broadway” and “laughed, cried, and laughed some more!” Make this revival the “‘coup de coeur’ of your summer vacation!”

It’s the summer of 1908, and members of the Young Ladies of Baddeck Club have been given the great honour of performing a play for the celebration of Baddeck’s incorporation as a village. At the helm is a mismatched foursome: a warring mother and daughter and two hapless souls who wouldn’t know a soliloquy from a spinnaker. Their misadventures in attempting to celebrate Baddeck’s history are hilarious and heartwarming. The play is a high-energy comedic romp that will make you remember why you love home, why you leave home and why Baddeck always feels like home.